Twin Lobe Blower

Twin Lobe Blower is broadly used in various RMC and pneumatic conveying applications. This blower belongs to the category of positive displacement blowers.This consist of a pair of involute profiled lobes/rotors rotating inside an oval shaped casing, closed at ends by side plates.

Twin Lobe Water Cooled Compressor

Twin Lobe Water Cooled Compressor is used in various applications like water treatment plants, chemical plants, aquaculture, paper plants, oil & gas, vacuum loader, and electroplating. This compressor operates on differential pressure and constant volume characteristics.

Cement Feeding System

Cement Feeding System is generally used for convey cement from bulker to silo and unload cement from bags to silo. In these system bulker and cement bag both can be unload to cement silo. This system is very easy to install and simple to operate.

Bulker Unloading System

Bulker Unloading System can arrange to unload the bulkier into cement silo.Twin tube high volume low-pressure blower makes it easy to unload the bulkier within an hour. This reduces the dependability on the availability of compressor mounted bulker.

Pneumatic Conveying System

Pneumatic Conveying System offered by us is a process by which dry bulk materials or powders are transported or carried utilizing a gas from a source to a destination. This system uses differential air pressure to efficiently move materials from one point to the other.

Roots Blower

Roots Blower is used to generate constant air flows that are independent of discharge pressure conditions. This blower is limited to low and medium pressure and vacuum processes and can be used to provide small to large airflow rates.

Cement Feeding Unit

Cement Feeding Unit is designed to feed cement or fly ash for packaging in bags. The provided feeding system is manufactured under the supervision of our dexterous professionals using high-quality components.This unit is effective and economical both.

Automatic Bag Emptying System

Automatic Bag Emptying System is designed for emptying paper, polythene and woven PP bags containing products in powder or granular form. All bag cutting and unloading operations can be done without pallets are dealt and without the use of man power.

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